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Ghana’s ALEXpay is a cross-network mobile money platform

Ghana’s ALEXpay, a product of Allied Exchange Africa, has launched to end the lack of cross-network money transfer across the country and expand across Africa where mobile money is king.

The platform is targeting offline vendors, online merchants, government agencies and and individual customers to integrate their mobile payments with traditional banks and credit cards to improve the payments process and up customer experience hence increased turnovers.

According to Mr. Moses Kanduri, COO and Co-founder of ALEXpay: “The increased transactions and cash flows via mobile money transfer service platforms only shows that mobile money is the future and the key to Ghana’s financial inclusion and cash-lite agenda”.

ALEXpay will not only introduce cross-network interoperability but is expected to give its users fast, convenient and secure electronic transactions to help them grow their businesses. The platform allows users to create virtual mobile money accounts where they can deposit, purchase, send, withdraw, pay bills, transfers etc and can be integrated with various credit cards. Merchants can also integrate it online to power payments on their web stores.

ALEXpay uses USSD, Mobile App and a web interface for cross-network mobile money transfer, bill payments and collection and and airtime top-ups.

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Jacques Blinbaum, CEO and Co-founder of Allied Exchange said ALEXpay will integrate various mobile money platforms and traditional banking networks in Ghana and across Africa