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Across networks, borders, platforms & currencies


NEW Features

Ask for Money

Don’t wait until someone sends you money, with ViPit you can ask for payment

Debt Tracking

Now you can lend and borrow using ViPit to track all transactions and debts


To help with Education, Wedding, Funeral, Medical Expenses

International Collections

Receive payments from other African countries and U.S./Europe/U.K./Canada

USSD Capabilities

Makes ViPit available to all users – SmartPhones and Basic phones

Free QR Codes and USSD ShortCode

for all your collection and marketing projects

Send Money from any device

Dial *850# or download our app

Send Money from any device

Dial *XXX# or download our app

More Features

  • Funds Transfer

    Across networks, borders, platforms, currencies

  • Send Bills

    Just ask your friends for payment

  • Donations

    Receive charitable gifts from those who care about your cause

  • Secure Facial Recognition

    Rest assured that your information will always be safe

for business

  • Bulk Payments

    Upload spreadsheets to make payments to large number of recipients, including: salaries, commissions, or just an easy way to make multiple payments.

  • Easy-to-use Templates

    Create templates to easily create payment and billing scenarios for regular use.

  • Bulk Invoicing

    Upload files to easily bill large number of customers.

  • Record Keeping

    Design integration with your recordkeeping/accounting platform to import transactions.

  • Professional Crowdfunding

    Established organisations – raise funds for your cause…. Churches, NGOs, Schools, Teams, Political Campaigns, etc. Have a big cause? Ask ViPit for your unique USSD Short Code.

  • Track Payments

    Use our advanced business tools to track you payments and invoices.