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About Us

ViPit is a newly launched FinTech company that brings to the African market a full range of financial capabilities built upon 20+ years of experience in the United States, the U.K., the European Union, and in South America.

ViPit’s technology is an extension of the robust and proven F2b Brazil platform developed by its sister company, F2b in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a platform first launch in 1998 and the beneficiary of two decades of improvements and enhancements.

While ViPit is a Ghanaian company its partnership with London based PayAngel gives it broad international reach, allowing it to connect to the remittance, foreign exchange, and credit card markets worldwide.

Our product development is focused on the more complex business community but the ViPit platform is available to individual users as well. Individuals, social groups, teams, and students will be able to utilize many of the professional solutions being offered to our business customers. Of course the platform will be available for everyday transactions but our outreach marketing is focused on those that can benefit from our full suite of services.

ViPit’s strategy is based upon charging lower fees, providing better service, and delivering a customer experience that surpasses all our competition. We do this with innovative solutions, outstanding support, extensive financial back-end tools, and competitive pricing.

The ViPit team is truly unique in its breadth of experience over decades of time, innovative FinTech creativity, and multiple markets spanning many continents. Visit our “Our Team” page for details about our remarkable group.

Innovation is our challenge. Quality and reliability are our benchmark. Price and cost efficiency is at our core.

Our Markets

ViPit is based in Ghana but its goal is to serve Western Africa with a full range of in-country and cross-border services. As a financial platform our solution continually is adding partner networks which expand connectivity to all our partners – in country as well as cross country.
  • Our Mobile Money partnerships allow us to accommodate simple mobile money payments within a country or between countries.
  • Our Banking partnerships allow us to expand transfer options to the traditional banking system as well as the related ATM networks
  • Our Foreign exchange capabilities allow us to transact in a wide range of currencies, both hard currencies (like the dollar, Euro, and Pond) and exotic currencies (like Cedi, Nira, CFA, etc.).
  • Our USSD capabilities allow us to extend our reach into lesser developed regions and poorer communities where SmartPhone penetration is lagging.
  • Our focus on financial inclusion, women empowerment, social equality, and technology inclusion give us a sense of drive and purpose as we work as partners with our community to help the underserved.
  • Our connections to electronic communications like email, SMS, push notification, electronic calendars, allow us to communicate, confirm, focus attention, and create ongoing customer relationships.
  • Our SmartPhone app technology allows us to provide customized, targeted, information to our users.


Our mission is to become the leading connector of financial platforms in a way that does not compete with our partners, but rather in a way that partners and extends their reach and capabilities. By seeing ourselves as “enablers” rather than “competitors” we are open to connecting to all players in an attempt to reach all customers.

Our outreach mission is designed to open creative opportunities for our partners to benefit from our shared platform – based on customer intelligence and cross marketing opportunities. Our experience in worldwide markets brings expertise in big data and market knowledge. The African market has a need for this new approach and we are in place and sharing it with our partners.

Connecting users and sellers via seamless transactions

Social Responsibility and Financial Inclusion

At Vipit we are building on a long tradition of social responsibility. The founding of F2b in 1998 was based on the desire to open ecommerce to unbankable people – a population that was excluded from ecommerce and many internet services because they lacked access to a payment method.

Inclusion has always been central to our mission and our product development. For the African market this translates to providing opportunities for a population that limited access to financial and digital platforms. At ViPit we are determined to offer opportunities to the economically poor, the geographically remote, and to women as a group that has been underserved in all ways.

At ViPit we know that the world is demanding that financial transactions – large and small and micro – increasingly need to become electronic. In early days it was an issue of distance and safety. Today, digital means online, distant, reliable, real time, and trackable.

Governments are continuously demanding accountability and implementing regulations aimed at eliminating questionable financial activities and increasing the ability to regulate and tax. Every year the proportion of digital financial transactions increases and the importance of our work, and the value of our platform, increases as well.

Go digital or get left behind

Our Partners