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ALEXpay Africa: The Game-changer For Africa’s Digital Financial Services

Accra, Ghana, July 16, 2020//-Africa’s enthusiastic efforts of becoming the hub for digital financial services (DFS) have been boosted by the meteoric penetration of smartphones, robust IT infrastructure, sound policies and growing middle-class
Similarly, several vital elements have contributed to the shift to digital payments, notably good connectivity, budding financial technology (fintech) industry, growing financial infrastructure, and a continuously improving regulatory environment.

Significantly, there is also a common recognition of the need to continue building an inclusive and responsible digital payments ecosystem on the continent.

Doing so is driving financial inclusion, particularly for women, improve transparency of payments, and open up new markets for goods and services, which in turn support economic growth.

Indeed, the launch and growth of digital financial services has led to an unprecedented increase in the number of people enjoying access to formal financial services, according to the ‘Digital Access: The Future of Financial Inclusion in Africa’, 2018 report.

Today, Africa is home to more digital financial services deployments than any other region in the world, with almost half of the nearly 700 million individual users worldwide, it indicated.

“Mobile money solutions and agent banking now offer affordable, instant, and reliable transactions, savings, credit, and even insurance opportunities in rural villages and urban neighborhoods where no bank had ever established a branch”.
Why ALEXpay Africa is the game-changer
This is the void that ALEXpay Africa which is one of the fastest growing digital payment platforms that integrates all the segmented telco-based mobile money service platforms to provide a reliable national switch for all mobile money transactions in Ghana and in 12 countries, is in to fill.

Its cross-network transaction capability and interconnect clearing interchange functionality enable it to provide a wide range of financial solutions including scaling up the mobile money service platform, integrating mobile money and traditional banking transactions, linking accounts to physical payment cards, assisting merchants with processing card based transactions, and accommodating foreign remittances.

“In addition to ALEXpay’s payment capabilities, our platform is uniquely able to incorporate a wide range of billing services making the billing and collection process significantly more efficient and economical for our partners”, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of ALEXpay Africa, Moses Kanduri, explained.

All transactions are backed up with online financial and accounting tools that allow ALEXpay and its partners to control and record all transactions via an easy to use interface.

“At ALEXpay, we are uniquely positioned to offer a single integrated platform for all fund transfer and billing service solutions. We are, therefore, able to provide our services efficiently and at the lowest costs to our customers”, he said.
Currently, both the ALEXpay USSD and Mobile App platforms support the following services listed below.
Fund Transfer
Through ALEXpay people can send and receive money across various mobile networks and multiple currencies across 12 countries in Africa, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and USA.

“Our industry partnerships facilitate cross-border payments which allow you to terminate international remittances directly to your MoMo wallet in the respective countries at competitive exchange rates”, Mr Kanduri further explained.

You can count on ALEXpay to deliver secure, convenient and reliable mobile money transfer services across Africa and beyond”.
Bill Payment
This service allows customers to pay for goods and services in a fast, secure and convenient manner through the ALEXpay billing solution.

Business owners, service providers, restaurant operators, school managers, among others can also integrate ALEXpay for your billing and collections.

It is important to note that the company’s comprehensive backend reporting tools provides a range of accounting and reporting functionality for effective decision making.
“Join us let us promote a cash-lite society through cashless transactions powered by ALEXpay billing and collection solution”.
Request Money
Additionally, family and friends can send money on-the-go through the ALEXpay request fund feature anytime they are broke, stranded or cash strapped.

While service providers can also use the service to initiate payment for goods and services from customers.

Mr Kanduri added: “It is fast and effective way to create an informal network of support for family and friends, by advancing money to members to be paid later.

Businesses can improve customer relationship management and establish lasting transactional business relationships with clients”.
Customers are able to create invoices from easy-to-customize templates, send to payees with a QR code via email and receive payment directly to your MoMo wallet.

They can also access our bulk invoicing feature to generate and bill multiple clients. “Take control of your business operations as we provide you the ability to effectively manage customer invoicing and collections.

Our comprehensive backend accounting and reporting functionality enables you to track all invoices, payments and generate reports, among others”
Facial Recognition
The facial recognition service authenticates or approves transactions using physical faces on phone cameras in addition to the unique PIN associated with customers’ MoMo wallet.

He stated: “With this, you can rest assured that your personal data and financial information are protected from third-party unauthorized access.

In the midst of the current wave of mobile money fraud, the facial recognition feature is imperative to protecting the information of our customers. We are committed to delivering secure and reliable mobile money transaction and digital payments”.
ALEXpay for Business
Go beyond the basic functionality of sending and receiving money into your MoMo wallet. Customers can also use ALEXpay for business to invoice customers for goods and services, manage payments collected, track debtors and generate comprehensive reports to support decision making.

The bulk fund disbursement tool allows businesses to pay salaries to their workers, or pay their suppliers efficiently.

Overall, ALEXpay for Business enables service providers and businesses to manage the sales, invoicing, payments and reporting processes in a secure and seamless manner.
Instead of collecting contributions manually for a project or an event, use ALEXpay crowdfunding service. You can easily create a campaign for an event or project, and share privately (i.e. to only specific group of people) or publicly (i.e. to everyone) and receive donations directly to your MoMo wallet.

Crowdfunding is designed to leverage social capital to serve Africa’s diverse communities and special needs.

ALEXpay crowdfunding is perfect for social programs, religious collections, political fundraising, educational and medical support. Let us come together and support one another for a stronger and wealthier Africa.
The focus of this project are in two folds: Firstly, this Project is intended to provide a platform for candidates to market themselves to the electorate and give them reason to support their campaigns via mobile money donations.

Secondly for electorate to contribute to their candidates of choice and sign a social contract make it possible for their candidates of choice to be held accountable for promises they break.

The ultimate goal will be to aid collect date to inform policy decision on funding for political parties – and promote accountability.
Accessing the Service

This service is available to all individuals, merchants, service providers and businesses with registered mobile numbers on any mobile network and a valid email address.

ALEXpay can be accessed on the USSD platform by dialing *443#, or free downloadable Web and Mobile Apps for both Android and iOS devices or by

Jacques Blinbaum, a New Yorker, and Moses Kaduri from Ghana are the founders of ALEXpay, the revolutionary payment platform designed to integrate the various mobile money platforms, the traditional banking network, and the proven Brazilian F2b billing-payment platform.

The goal was to create a seamless payment and billing solution that would connect businesses and individuals irrespective of their existing financial services platform.

In creating ALEXpay in 2017, they intended to integrate the functions of F2b and CelPog – Jacques inventions with a global market and an SMS based peer-to-peer payment system that also had the ability to track debts and allowed users to split expenses – in a way that is responsive to the particular needs of the African market.

By Masahudu Ankiilu Kunateh, African Eye Report