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ALEXpay Africa ALEXPAY is a revolutionary mobile payment and billing solution

ALEXpay is a digital payment platform that integrates all the segmented telco-based mobile money service platforms to provide a reliable national switch for all mobile money transactions in Ghana. Our cross-network transaction capability and interconnect clearing interchange functionality enable us to provide a wide range of financial solutions including scaling up the mobile money service platform, integrating mobile money and traditional banking transactions, linking accounts to physical payment cards, assisting merchants with processing card based transactions, and accommodating foreign remittances.
In addition to ALEXpay’s payment capabilities, our platform is uniquely able to incorporate a wide range of billing services making the billing and collection process significantly more efficient and economical for our partners. All transactions are backed up with online financial and accounting tools that allow our partners to control and record all transactions via an easy to use interface.
At ALEXpay, we are uniquely positioned to offer a single integrated platform for all fund transfer and billing service solutions. We are, therefore, able to provide our services efficiently and at the lowest costs to our customers. Currently, both t the ALEXpay USSD and Mobile App platforms support the following services: cross mobile network money transfer; cross mobile network airtime top-up; third-party bill payment and collection; bulk disbursement of funds to beneficiaries and integration with traditional bank accounts

ALEXpay, thus offers businesses, merchants, governments and individual customers the opportunity to leverage digital payment systems across mobile networks, physical card providers and banks for secure, convenient and reliable financial transactions across Africa.

The ALEXpay digital payment platform allows for the creation of ALEXpay mobile money and virtual accounts that have functionalities comparable to traditional bank accounts and credit card accounts. ALEXpay users can arrange for inflows (deposits, transfers, credits, billings, etc.) and outflows (withdrawals, transfers, purchases, payments, etc.). ALEXpay accounts include a full range of financial management tools that permit our customers to efficiently track their transactions in real-time via the Internet and mobile applications.
Cross mobile network money transfer
Cross mobile network airtime top-up
Third-party bill payment and collection
Bulk disbarment of funds.