Your VIP payment solution

ViPit Terms and Condition

1. The Agreement

You may use ViPit Services subject to the terms and conditions (‘terms’) in this agreement between you and us, ViPit Africa LTD (ViPit). When you register for an ViPit account (‘account’), you agree to accept these terms.

2. Definitions

2.1 ‘We’ or ‘us’ means ViPit Limited.
2.2 ‘You’ or ‘your’ means the ViPit Customer.

3. ViPit Services

3.1 ViPit allows customers to send and receive money, buy airtime, pay bills, from their mobile phone.
3.2 Customers can send and receive money across all networks, deposit in their ViPit wallets and withdraw through any of the authorised Airtel Tigo Money, MTN Mobile money and Vodafone Cash agents.

4. Registration for ViPit

4.1 Any customer with an active Airtel Tigo, Mtn, Vodafone and bank account can register for an ViPit Account.
4.2 The customer will be required to provide a valid name and mobile number.
4.3 The customer will be required to create a four- digit secret code (‘secret PIN’).
4.4 ViPit is limited to one account per customer.
4.5 We may decline your application at our sole discretion.

5. Transacting

5.1 Upon activation of your ViPit account and once you have created value on the account, you will be able to carry out the following transactions:
5.1.1 Send and receive money on your phone on all networks and bank account,
5.1.2 Buy airtime for yourself or others on any network from your phone,
5.1.3 Pay DSTV and GoTv bills with your phone.
5.1.4 Pay for goods and services.
5.2 All transactions can only be authorised by you with your secret PIN.
5.3 You must verify the accuracy of the information of your transaction before sending the command to confirm it.
5.4 You will not be able to transact if you do not have enough funds in your account to cover the transaction amount and the application fee.

6. Fees

6.1 For certain types of transactions, fees will be deducted from your account for further clarification, contact our helpline at 0302-552242.
6.2 We reserve the right to change the fee structure or the service if the need arises. You will be notified of such changes through SMS, ViPit website and or other means. Continuation of the service usage will be deemed as acceptance of such changes.

7. Security and Unauthorised Use

7.1 You are responsible for the safekeeping and proper use of your secret PIN for all transactions that take place on your account and you indemnify us against any claims made in respect of such transactions.
7.2 If at any time you believe that your secret PIN has been lost, stolen or compromised, you must report to our helpline immediately at 0302-552242. We will block your account as soon as we can. Your account will be reinstated once your identity has been established.

8. Closing your Account

8.1 We will block your account on receiving a request from you.
8.2 We may disable your account, restrict activity or suspend access to your account if in any way we know or suspect your account is being used fraudulently , negligently or for illegal activities or if we must do so to comply with the law.
8.3 We may block or close your account if we believe that you are in breach of our terms, are trying to compromise our systems or are unreasonably interfering with any services provided by us.
8.4 By closing the account, this agreement with us will be terminated.

9. Limitation of Liability

9.1 We will not be responsible or liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or special damages arising from any act or omission by us, our service providers or any third party for third party for whom we are responsible, whether arising in contract,
delict or statue.
9.2 We are not responsible for a loss arising from any failure, malfunction, delay or unavailability of the mobile network, mobile phones or internet resulting from circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

10. General

10.1 The customer agrees that any registration information given to us is accurate, correct and up to date and, if there are any changes, the customer will update us by visiting our office or call the customer service number, 0302-552242.
10.2 We may use and disclose information of customers due to legal, audit, governmental, or regulatory requirements to prevent, detect or prosecute criminal or fraudulent activities; and to ensure the effective provision of ViPit services.
10.3 We may make changes to the terms from time to time. When these changes are made, we will make a new copy of the terms available on ViPit websites. The customer agrees that we will treat the continued use of the service as acceptance of the updated terms.
10.4 We shall hold all funds received on the customer’s ViPit account on trust for the customer in bank accounts maintained by us in selected partner banks approved and licensed by the Bank of Ghana. The customer shall be beneficially entitled to all the amount standing to the credit the customer’s ViPit account as conclusively evidenced in the records of the ViPit system.
10.5 This agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of Ghana.
10.6 Any dispute arising from this agreement shall be referred to the High Court (Commercial Division) of Ghana.

11. Anti- Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Financing (AML & CTF)

11.1 You will not be involved or be an accomplice to money laundering and counter terrorism financing.
11.2 You will report to ViPit any suspicious transaction noticed by calling the helpline 0302-552242.