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Jacques Blinbaum

CEO and Co-founder, New York, USA

Jacques has decades experience in building and operating payment and billing solutions. He created the F2b payment solution in 1998 for a market of 195,000,000 people that lacked access to electronic payments in Brazil, Today, F2b remains a leader in billing and payment solutions with proven record in all aspects of the payments ecosystem.

Moses Kanduri

COO and Co-founder, Accra, Ghana

Moses is an achievement driven professional with competencies in resource mobilization, public administration, project management, business analysis and communication. The result of his ingenuity and persistence is the creation of ALEXpay in partnership with Jacques Blinbaum.

Paulo Azambuja

Chief Technology Officer, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Paulo transitioned from aeronautical engineering to software engineering and forthe past 16 years, he has led the technology innovation that has distinguished F2b as a market leader in electronic payments, billing and mobile applications space in Brazil.

Antonio ‘Tony’ Bortoletto
Antonio ‘Tony’ Bortoletto Technology Director - ALEXpay, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Gabriella Tetteh
Gabriella Tetteh Business Development Director, Accra, Ghana
Melissa Sheehan
Melissa Sheehan Finance Director, New York, USA
Kleber Vieira
Kleber Vieira Technology Director - Global, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Lisa Arthur
Lisa Arthur Client Relation Manager, Accra, Ghana
Richmond Hagan
Richmond Hagan Administrative/Social Media Manager, Accra, Ghana
Anita Nkrumah
Anita Nkrumah Finance Manager, Accra, Ghana
Vikas Sehrawat
Vikas Sehrawat Social Media Manager, New Delhi, India
Ethan Marcovici, Esquire
Ethan Marcovici, Esquire Corporate Counsel, New York, USA
Bernard Okpattah
Bernard Okpattah Content Development, Accra, Ghana
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