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One Africa, One Payment

Sending money shouldn’t be challenging, that’s where ALEXpay came into existence. This revolutionary payment platform helps you send and receive money in Ghana and across Africa. You need not stand in long queues for hours or waste your money, time and effort. ALEXpay has been designed to help change the lives of Ghanaian people by enabling them to pay and get paid in real time through mobile phones.

When Jacques Blinbaum from New York met Moses Kanduri from Ghana during the United Nations Week in 2015, they shared a common interest in creating a mobile platform. In 2017, that interest led the foundation of Allied Exchange Africa Ltd. and ALEXpay.

Since the very beginning, the aim has been to make sending money cheaper whilst maintaining the fast transfer speed and reliability. The mobile payment solution has been designed to integrate the various mobile money platforms, the traditional banking network, and the proven Brazilian F2b billing-payment platform.


Our sole mission is to bridge the gap between sending and receiving money to and from loved ones. ALEXpay focuses on connecting friends and family in Ghana and across Africa by providing a reliable solution for day to day needs. There are thousands of people in and around Ghana who have no or limited access when it comes to a bank account. ALEXpay enables them to pay and get paid irrespective of bank accounts and other formalities.

We aim to meet their needs best with an innovative platform- ALEXpay.

Connecting users and sellers via seamless transactions

Today, ALEXpay primarily integrates and scales up the segmented telco-based mobile money platforms to provide an integrated and secure platform that facilitates seamless and reliable mobile money transactions in Ghana and across Africa.

Users on ALEXpay can create virtual mobile money accounts that permit inflows (deposits, transfers, credits, billings, etc.) and outflows (withdrawals, transfers, purchases, payments, etc.). Moreover, online sellers are able to integrate credit card capability or cross-network money transfer functionality into their websites easily and efficiently using ALEXpay’s web service interface.

The ALEXpay digital payment platform, thus, offers business, merchant, government and individual customers the opportunity to leverage digital payment systems across mobile networks, traditional banks and physical card providers for secure, convenient and reliable financial transactions across Africa.

ALEXpay is built on the strong foundation of trust, convenience and innovation focused on providing excellent services at every step. We look forward to spreading the word “One Africa, One Payment” in just a few taps.

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